Here’s a montage video of my favourite and most recent works on street photography and portraits. These are all shot this year, 2018, with my Leica M6 and Olympus OM-4 on various black and white films. Majority of the images are shot with the 50mm lens and few with a 35mm. The films used are mostly Kodak Tri-x and T-max 400 & 100. Some Ilford HP5+ and Delta 100 are in the mix as well.

I loved the idea of putting together a mini presentation of the selected works. I’m a big fan of Instagram but as a platform it’s way too timeline based, which means old work will be buried underneath in no time. Video like this wraps a collection images nicely together without having to deal hectic timelines. I don’t know why I didn’t think of doing a slideshow like this earlier. Well, anyways — I hope you enjoy the video!