During the past month or so, I haven’t been shooting that much. It is now autumn, and as much as I’d like to take advantage of the rainy and windy weather, I just haven’t been able to find good subjects. Sure, the time is right for shooting old foggy streets, but people are absent in the street view. Times like these are the perfect opportunity to look back the work of the past season. I’ve been going through my photography from the past year or two. I have a lot of stuff that I still haven’t incorporated into anything just yet. Last month I made one montage video featuring some of them. I got inspired by the idea of making another one since I got such a good feedback from the previous one.

This video has a strong emphasis on my street photography work, but just as quick disclaimer, I have some other shots in the mix as well, that I just felt to fit well in this selection of images. The previous video had about 50/50 mix of portraits and street photographs and but this time I wanted to put the emphasis on the street work.

I’m totally not planning to start a YouTube channel as such, but putting together simple videos like these sure is fun. Maybe I’ll start dropping in stuff like this every once in a while.