Well this was a busy week in terms of photography. In my previous picture post I mentioned shooting the same roll of film for three weeks. This roll took me more like three days. I took my camera out every day, whenever I had to attend a meeting, or to run errands. Thursday was a national holiday and I was able to take some time off for some dedicated street photography. The weather was awesome and I had less trouble of finding subjects than usual.  I don’t think I’ve never been this satisfied with my results. Some real keepers in this bunch!

All shot on Kodak Tri-x 400 @ 400 with Olympus OM-1. Mainly 50mm f1.8 lens. Few shots are with 28mm f3.5. Developed in D-76 1:1 9min 45sec.

Such a good shot! One of my favourites from this roll. I think the girl looks beautiful and the fashion store context suits her well.
A semi-good hip shot of a couple having a pretty relaxed looking chat in the park.
Beautiful day that showed off on everyone’s faces.
Another really good manifestation of a beautiful day. People of Helsinki rarely shine energy this positive. I wish it would be summer more often.
Lunch at the terrace.
This little guy is so cute. I wish I’d be able to capture more emotions and gestures like this. Hip shot.
Gentlemen of leisure.
One of our dogs (Pilkki) running at sunset. I like that he happens to run parallel to the direction of the light.
I stumbled upon my friend Darren at Kruununhaka. We had a somewhat lengthy talk about photography and I was also able to get a nice portrait of him.
Ruined american flag in the sunset. Something I found laying in the ground.
This isn’t the first time I’ve stopped to take a pic of a beetle. I seem to be a sucker for them.
Romanian beggar lighting up a cigarette.
Selling fish straight from the boat at the Market Square in Helsinki.
Ah yes, sun. Rare sight.
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    Questa frase, incredibile))), mi piace:)

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