Alrighty then, very exciting news! I managed to get my hands on the brand new Silberra Pan 200 black and white film. Here are some of my test shots, taken on two separate days, in three different conditions. On the first day I shot few frames indoors on a record store. The weather was really bleak on that day, but none the less, I think the images somehow turned out quite nicely. The next day it was very sunny autumn day, which was nice, because I really wanted to see how the film would perform on a sunny day as well.

I’ll be writing another review soon as soon as I take a closer and more analytical look. I got these things out of the scanner literally a minute ago and can’t wait to share the results. In a nutshell though, I’ll just say that I really like the image quality. I’ve used to shoot mostly Kodak Tri-x and T-max and compared to them, Silberra Pan 200 seems refreshingly different. Very retro. Not quite as sharp, but somehow very pleasing. I like the amount of grain and it’s quality too. At box speed the images are medium contrast, just as the manufacturer promised. Very classic look. I usually know pretty accurately what I’m getting from T-max and/or Tri-x but Silberra gave me few really nice surprises. I’d love shoot some more of it, but it looks like it’s not as predictable as the standard Kodaks etc.

I used my Olympus OM-1 and 50mm 1.8 lens. I shot the roll on box speed at iso 200 and developed in D-76 1:1, 16min, agitating every 30sec.