Greetings from Lapland! I just returned from a trip to Norway and Lapland and it changed, again, the way I think about photography. I had a great time and took amazing images, but now I’m facing questions concerning my orientation and identity as a photographer. Am I street photographer or Am I nature photographer? Am I film shooter or a digital guy? Can I be all at the same time?

What usually happens to me, is that I get really enthused about a hobby for an X period of time and then lose interest in it somewhat unexpected. I’ve been not into photography, non-stop, almost a year now. Photography has always been a part of my life, but I’ve really been into it during the past year. Knowing myself, I’ve already started to anticipate when I might get bored with photography. So far there has not been a sudden loss of interest as such, but maybe a slight decline. I’ve lost some amount of interest in shooting the streets on film over and over again during the past months. Time has been right for a new change.

Now something happened that closed at least one circle. My last years trip to Lapland really kickstarted my photo enthusiasm this time around. I went hiking in september 2016 and took along my old Nikon D80 with a kit lens. I wasn’t happy about my results and started to look for a new camera. It has been an ongoing thing ever since. First I upgraded my digital camera and ended up falling in love in film again after ten years. I shifted away from nature and outdoors photography towards street photography, which I didn’t anticipate at all. The whole reason to upgrade my gear was to get equipped better for my next trip to Lapland, which was this month. While waiting for it, I had lost interest in outdoors photogtaphy, but now, after taking the new trip to Lapland, I kinda re-discovered that again as well.

It feels amazing to find old things again. I had a great time in Lapland and this time I’m more than happy about my results. I’ll make a separate picture post later, after I’ve gone through my haul and finished editing the ones I like. I’ve been posting some of them to Instagram already, so if you want to see some of them, just head over to IG.

I always tend to have too many things going on at the same moment. On the other hand I like street photography. Now it looks like outdoor themes are making a comeback for me as well. They are such a different subject matters that I’m afraid they don’t fit nicely under the catalogue. Certainly it’s not going to be a good mix for Instagram, which favours heavily accounts with strict thematics. Now that I’ve finally found some audience for my black and white film photos, I’m most likely going to scare away some of that following by posting nature photos. My decision is to let go of that kind of Instagram mentality and not care about the amount of followers and likes. In theory I’d enjoy having a clean account with thematic consistency, but what I’d suppose to do when I have many subjects of interest? Have a separate account for each hobby at a time? Seems like hassle. Each account would be inactive while I concentrate on the active one. I’d like to tie the ends together by a stylistic measures. It would be cool to have a recognisable style that wound  create the continuity despite the diversity in subject matters.

On this trip I had my digital and film cameras with me. To be completely honest, I shot very little film on this trip and I feel I was once again over equipped, even though I thought I had a very minimal setup. Even two cameras tend to be too much because, you’re always going to be able to use one at a time. My Fujifilm x100s was just way too convenient, practical and light weight to carry while hiking and traveling. I had to remind and really force myself to take out the film camera. My plan was to use b/w film for road trip photos and visiting towns and villages. We did a long hike as well and the light digital camera was for that. While traveling though, it’s always a big hassle with everything and I found that having just one camera easily accessible was the easiest way to go. Too much gear is just too much hassle.

I shot about 500 images so I have plenty of them to go around. Like I said, I’ll post some of them separately. Now I have interesting times ahead of me. I got really inspired to do good nature photography again and I’m definitely going to plan a new trip. I may take a long time though and who know where my interests will get focused in the mean time.