I’m planning to hold two or three exhibitions this year. It is now only January 4th, so there’s plenty of time for the plans to change as the year unfolds. But, so far I’ve made plans for one big project and couple of smaller ones.

Last year was the year of street photography for me. That is still an ongoing endeavour, but I’m planning much different projects as well. I finished the street photography project during the autumn and I was able to turn that into my first exhibition Timeless Helsinki, which is still running at Monami Gallery in Helsinki. (Open untill February 15th 2018.)

After the exhibition opening I felt that I’m now finished with street photography for the time being. The winter also came, which has been very challenging for street photography work. The weather has been the worst in ages and there’s practically no sunlight — ever. Not until the spring. But most importantly, there’s no people on the streets.

These factors and restrictions motivated me to looks towards other projects as well. For example, portraiture is something I’ve been secretly interested for a long time. But let me first tell you about the main project…

The Arctic Ocean project

I’ve been planning this project ever since last August, when I went for an unbelievable arctic hike on the far north of Finnish/Norwegian Lapland. I’ve always loved arctic aesthetics and during this trip I had the chance to visit the Arctic Ocean for the first time too. I fell in love completely and ever since I’ve been wanting to return. It’s been bugging me that I didn’t have more time to photograph, which motivated me to organise another trip, dedicated completely for documenting and photographing.

The trip is going to take place in early May and the destination is Alta, Norway. From there, we’ll continue the journey to Nordkapp, which is the far most northern corner of continental Europe. I’m taking only my film camera and the main goal is to capture the beauty and essence of pristine arctic environment.

You may know that I was previously very much into nature photography. in 2017 I didn’t do much nature photography at all, but I would really like to get back into that. The Arctic Ocean project is an attempt to accomplish that too.

The photos from the trip are going to be exhibited at Monami Gallery in Helsinki during the summer of 2018 (most likely on July). Further details and dates TBA.

Portait project

One thing that really bugs me in street photography, is how some people react to being photographed. Sometimes it is my own fault that I get caught and getting the evil eye. It’s part of the game, but sometimes I just wish I’d have more control over the subjects and the conditions in general. It would be a nice alternation to arrange model shoots, which is an opposite to candid photography.

The portrait project is still in the very beginning, but I’m suspecting it is starting unfold during the following weeks. I’m shooting the portraits with my little sister (who’s posing for me), who shares similar kind of imagination and humour as I do. We’ve come up with a dozen of ideas. We are inspired by similar things and most of the photos draw inspiration directly from the topics that we both love. For example, we are both huge Twin Peaks fans and many of our ideas relate somehow to the show. It’ll be interesting to see how the images come up. They are not intended to be obvious imitations, but rather works that take inspiration from the mutual interests, that are allowed to take their own creative course. The inspiration will be there as an undertone.

I’d be very interested to arrange a portrait exhibition as well, but this is a very experimental project and has basically no guarantees on how it will pan out.

Moodboard that I’ve compiled out of inspiring photos from Instagram and elsewhere. These are not my work, just something I’ve bookmarked whenever I’ve stumbled upon something interesting.

Photo Essays

Another project that is also motivated by the restrictions of street photography, is my photo essay project. It is still a documentary by nature, and resembles street photography in that respect. I’m taking the role of an amateur photo journalist and go documenting old record shops and other fascinating places in Helsinki. I love the idea of making short articles about the places with nice black and white photos to go with them. There are plenty of really interesting old boutiques that have an interesting background and story to tell. And most importantly,  I see them as a perfect setting for timeless photography.

Street photography and the possibility of Timeless Helsinki II exhibition

Like I mentioned, street photography is still something that I’m really interested in. I’m definitely planning to continue that amongst all the other projects. I’m hoping to gather enough material for a part two of the Timeless Helsinki exhibition. At this very moment, I’m taking a bit of a hiatus from street photography and just shooting pretty randomly, while waiting for the spring. Last year I think I really got the hang of street photography and I honestly can’t wait to get back on that horse. I learned a lot and now, during the winter, I’ve had a lot of time to let all that to sink in.

Film Marathon

In my previous post I told you about The Film Marathon, which is another kind of photo project. It is done in association with Kameratori. We are planning to test out 42 different films and document everything.

Phew, I was really planning to write just a short post, but as always, it ended up being another freaking long article. Congrats, if you actually made it this far!

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