I’m starting a new photography project and I’m looking for people in Helsinki area who would like their portrait taken on real black and white film on a vintage camera.

This is going to be a bit like the infamous Humans of New York -project, but with the people of our neck of the woods. The portraits are 1000% free for anyone who wants their photo taken. All photos will be shot on natural light on a location of your choice.

I’ve been doing candid street photography in Helsinki are for some time now, and the portrait project is somewhat of an extension to it. I think we humans are fascinating and I feel the need to document how we are and how we look right now. Helsinki is my home town and it is changing right before our eyes. I like the idea of making a documentary that shows an exact point in time, but mixing a sense of timelessness into it by using film, achieving that classic photojournalistic image style. The negatives will of course last something like hundreds of years. In theory they could have historical value as well.

Few weeks ago I stumbled upon my friend Darren who mentioned the words The Humans of Kruununhaka (where this picture was taken) after taking his portrait. It planted the seed of my portrait project idea.

Candid shooting is sometimes a bit too thrilling, because some people are suspicious on why someone is taking their picture on the street and they can be even aggressive or hostile. I remember being photographed on the street few times myself, so I know what it feels like. Did he just take my picture? Why? What is he going to do with it? In some sense, when people are suspicious about it, it would be more fair to agree upon taking the shot. This is why I want to start making portraits where people knowingly pose for the shot.

Portrait of my girlfriend at my sister’s wedding.

I’m planning to continue my street documentary too and the portrait project is going to be an extension for it. I’m hoping to reach perhaps someone like you, who would like your picture to be taken on film. My plan is to let the person to choose the location. It can be some place in the town, that is important to you. Or just something you think looks nice. Then we set up a date and go and take the shots on the location. It can be indoors or outdoors, with a some kind of twist or costume or some other crazy idea, or just a plain portrait.

In the near future I am planning an exhibition or two on this topic. The first show is going to consist only on the candid shots and the next one on the non-candid portraits (this particular project). Location and dates for these shows are not know yet, since I’m still collecting a body of work from which to choose the exhibition pieces from.

If you’d like to participate of ask for details, you can reach me at pekka@killer-beach.com