Last weekend I went for a nice kayaking trip with a friend. I have not taken outdoorsy photos in a while, so it was a nice temporary comeback to nature photography. It was a fun two days of paddling and camping on a small island. I took my film and digital cameras with me. I didn’t shoot terribly much, but the few shots that I got are really beautiful. Here are few of my digital photos from the trip, taken with Fujifilm x100s. I had a hard time trying to keep it dry, but managed to pull it of. I’ve been kayaking for few years now and previously I’ve been using GoPro for my stills. Water-proofing would have been sweet, but I was so happy to have a real cameras with me this time.

I’ll have to wait how the film photos will turn out, as the roll is still in the camera. As always, I took Olympus OM-1 and only the 28mm lens. I’ve always wanted to get ocean landscapes on film. I was really excited about this opportunity. Nautical photography is something I’d really like get into, now that I think about it. I shot in Tri-x and I’m planning to get timeless and classic looking sea photos. I’ll post a part 2 of this article as soon as I develop the film.

Shooting on the open sea on a summer day was actually pretty challenging for figuring out exposures. Most of the time I wasn’t sure whether I should be making some kind of compensation for the bright sunlight reflecting from the waves. It’ll be interesting to see what I managed to get, but in the meantime, here are those digital shots.

All images are shot on manual mode due to the peculiar lighting conditions. On auto mode, the camera had some trouble of guessing what I’m going after and pulled pretty overexposed values for me. I didn’t want to blow up skies etc. and manually metered from the highlights. On situation like this, it is really good to know creative camera control to be able to capture your vision and interpretation of the scene.

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