Today I finally finished shooting a roll of Kodak Tri-x 400 that took me about three weeks to finish. Nowadays spending that much time on one roll seems like too much. I know, I know… I should be patient, but what do you do. Sometimes I shoot one roll per week, which is pretty much an optimal time for me. I like to gather photos during the week and reward myself by developing the roll on weekend.

Anyways, this took me so long that I forgot what I shot. That’s fun too of course because I see the photos more objectively after forgetting them. This roll didn’t have any kind of specific theme. Just randomness.

Photos are shot at box speed ISO 400 with my Olympus OM-1 and developed in D-76 (20c, 1:1, 9min 45sec).

Out of 36 shots, there were about 10 keepers. Few of them I was really satisfied with. I managed to shoot couple of accidental blanks and the rest was just meh.

The best shot I’ve ever taken. This is such a bizarre image and so much going on here. There’s interesting relationship between the man and the skeleton with interesting invisible lines. It almost looks like the man is holding his hand by the skeleton’s shoulder. It looks like this could be shot on some other decade. No idea what is happening here, but I find it interesting — who is the man talking to? Who’s in the car? Why there’s a skeleton and what’s it’s relationship with the man in the hat?
Shot from the hip at Helsinki market square. Pre-metered (sunny 16, or in my case sunny 11) pre-focused at about 2m. She appeared all of a sudden I shot immediately. I think she looks beautiful and has a lot of character, which caught my eye.
This caught my eye because it almost looked like the coat was dancing in the air. Sort of like animated by the wind.
This one I like a lot. Nice light and setting. Shot at Kaivopuisto in Helsinki.
Nothing special, other than I’m just a nut about Vespas and anything like that. Really digging the tones and shiny textures.
Kinda boring, but there are some interesting things happening here.
Mirror meh.
Aw yes, Helsinki at it’s best! I love buildings like this. Looks so stylish and… european. Of course Finland is in Europe, but somehow this looks just european, not finnish — if that makes any sense. Shot at the Helsinki railway station.
This is shot 1min after the previous photo, pretty much just turning my back. What a contrast. The romanian beggars came to the city some years ago and man did they change the street view. They usually don’t like being photographed. Also shot at the railway station.
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