On my previous post I mentioned taking a step back from my Olympus OM-1 and other mannerisms. I’m going to continue on with the same theme, because I have another fresh roll taken with a completely different setup than my usual OM-1/Tri-x/D-76/50mm/street -combo. You see, about a week ago, we went mushroom picking with my girlfriend and on that day I just really, REALLY, wanted to shoot with my Canon FD 35mm lens.

Lately 50mm has started to feel too tight for my taste, and I’ve started to like 35mm focal length more and more. Only problem was that I had a roll of expired Kodak T-max 100 (on box speed) on my Canon AE-1 (my only Canon body at the moment, that I use) and it was a really rainy day. Not only that, we were going to take hike on a thick and very dark forest, so I was going to have absolutely no light. Not very ideal conditions typically for ISO 100 film. But I took that as a challenge and just went for it. All the forest shots are shot wide open at f2.8 which gave the images a really nice look. A thick spruce forest like this, is a very challenging setting, because there are so much visual noise and small amount of distinct shapes to create compositions. Everything is just flat and grey in terms of tones and shapes. Blowing out the backgrounds with a large aperture on a place like this makes sense, because that is a sure way to create background separation. Having everything in focus from foreground to background would make some messy images on a forest like this — the subject could very easily get blended into the background, unless you’d find perfect compositions.

Speaking of subjects — finding one in a forest is challenging too. Depending of course what kind of forest it is. I can say that this forest definitely isn’t a national park. There aren’t too much of pretty landscapes. Pretty desolate and rough place. I was able to find small details like textures and polypores etc. Most of the images was shot 1/15 shutter speed completely hand held. I was sure to get a pile of blurry images, but some of the images actually turned out really nicely.

I wasn’t able to finish the roll on our mushroom picking adventure. There was still something like ten frames left. Those images was shot on another day while I was doing a street photography practise run downtown Helsinki. They are more like my standard street photography shenanigans. I have to say I really like those forest pics more! The street pics are shot with the same 35mm FD too.

Instead of using my favourite D-76 developer, I used Rodinal, which seems to be an awesome combo with T-max 100. The grain and texture looks almost perfect for my taste.