As you may know, Kodak brought recently the Pro Image 100 colour negative 35mm to European and Norht-American markets. I shot one roll of it this past summer and liked it a lot. I though I’d make a quick post and share some of my shots, just in case you’re interested to see what the film looks like. 

Without going too much into the specs and technical mumbo-jumbo, I can say that this is a high quality film that renders extremely pleasing images. If I’d shoot more colour, I’d consider this over Ektar or Portra because it looks equally good with much cheaper price tag. I typically pay about 10€ for Ektar or Portra, but Pro Image is a reasonable 6€ per 36 exposure roll.

Pro Image 100 is a fine grain film, but perhaps not as fine as Ektar or Portra. If you ask me, that’s only a good thing, because I really like a good, balanced grain. The colour palette is subtle but accurate with harmonic pastel tones. I’m highly recommending Pro Image 100 for any colour shooter.  

I shot these Images with Olympus OM-1 with a Zuiko 50mm f1.8 lens. Developing and scanning was done by If you want to have a close inspection, click the images to open the larger version. The sample shots are not edited or cropped. 

Kodak Pro Image 100 sample shot # 1
Kodak Pro Image 100 sample shot # 2
Kodak Pro Image 100 sample shot # 3


Kodak Pro Image 100 sample shot # 4
Kodak Pro Image 100 sample shot # 5