Couple of weeks ago I went for a ocean kayaking trip and took a digital and a film camera with me. On my previous post I already posted the shots that I got from my digital camera. Now I finally have my film shots as well. These are straight from the scanner. I haven’t retouched or enhanced these photos in any way. (Mostly just because I didn’t have the time for it.)

I think the exposures turned out pretty well. I was concerned about the lighting. On some occasions the sunlight was bouncing very brightly from the ocean waves and I wasn’t sure whether to compensate for that somehow. As far as I remember I shot most of these on exactly the same settings: 1/1000, f11. I had Kodak Tri-x 400 as my film of choice which was pushed to 800. The lighting conditions were so consistent that I didn’t have to worry about the exposures too much. I went with sunny 16 sure, which I have modified into sunny 11 rule and went with that. The reflecting sunlight was my only concern, but looks like the exposures were pretty good regardless. In case you’re wondering why I went with sunny 16, my light meter is still broken and I’ll have to do fully manual exposures until I get it fixed.