Usually I shoot with just one film stock, but not anymore! During following months, I’ll be shooting mostly everything that is available — one film at a time. Total of 42 rolls.

If you’re a film shooter, you may know Juho from Kameratori and Camera Ventures. He is known for the infamous Save Analog Cameras project among many other things he’s bringing to the analog community. I met Juho in September and we have been talking a lot about analog photography. I’m of course an avid film proponent and share much of the same thoughts as he does. Few weeks ago we kicked of this Film Marathon project, that I’m extremely excited about.

The goal is to shoot, analyse and document as much different kinds of films that we can get our hands on. It just so happens that there are about 42 films that we managed to include in the test. Hence the name Film Marathon. I personally want to provide information about film photography and raise awareness of an awesome medium, that most people think doesn’t even exist anymore. Even many photographers are not aware that films are still being manufactured. The fact is that there is a plethora of absolutely beautiful films manufactured and even new ones announced as we speak. So many photographer’s get fired up about film photography very easily after learning just how vital and cool world revolves around it. It is worth spreading the word.

Which films exactly?

Okay, I may need to change my website name, because in addition to 35mm film, I’m also shooting a boat load of 120 roll film as well. We have mainly the most readily available films for both formats, including Kodak Tri-x, T-max, Portra, Ektar. That’s not all of course. We are testing most Ilford films and some Agfa and Fuji films too. In addition to these rather well known film stocks, we have some a bit rarer treats as well, such as the brand new Silberra films, JCH Street Pan and CineStill films.

I’ll be writing an analytical review with sample images of all the test rolls. The reviews are in Finnish, which is worth noticing. There are such a huge amount of review written in English, that we really wanted to put out Finnish ones out there too. The reviews are posted mainly to Kamerakoulu -blog, which is a popular photography resource here in Finland. I’ll be of course giving at least some updates in this blogs as well. But primarily you should start learning some Finnish and head to

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