Instagram mentality

Is it ok to change your Instagram direction over and over again? I’ve changed my username and thematics many times, which some people probably have found strange.  Can you do that, or will you just make Instagram gods angry?

Do people have nightmares about losing followers?

My hobbies and interest change over time and I usually tend to take photos related to those things. Most people seem to get hung up on one thing and build their account around one theme. I find that very restricting. What if lose interest in your subject and find new things to get exited about? Do you still just press on with your theme? Doesn’t it at that point become forced and fake? I realise that it happens easily. If you’ve established a following of likeminded people, they will start unfollowing you when you post photos not related to your theme. BUT! Why should you let that dictate? Are the number of followers and likes really that important to us? Well of course they are. Everyone knows that. We are living in a “like” culture at the moment. Social media isn’t as social as the name applies. It is a game of collecting likes (as you know). Likes and followers are what (sadly) we care about. That pretty often dictates and restricts what we post. That becomes a problem when your content becomes repetitive shit because of it.

Just let go this kind of mentality. It is so okay to change your mind about things and find new things to get excited about. I was a outdoor fanatic for many years and posted only outdoor photos until I lost interest towards it. I still like to go hiking etc. but just some times. Now that I think about it, sometimes I went camping just to get cool photos — cool photos for more likes and followers. Isn’t that pretty backwards?

Now I rarely post outdoor photos simply because I don’t go out that much. I don’t feel like it. It would feel very pretentious to keep it up against my true will, just because followers are expecting a certain kind of content. It doesn’t feel right to desperately hold on to it.

I lost about 500 followers during a short period of time after deviating from my so called theme and I was pretty startled about it at first. “Oh no! My precious followers — I’m a nobody!” Yeah right! Now I’m interested in different kind of photography and different kind of subject matters. I don’t want to resist a change, but to just go with the flow. You know… where ever life is taking you — is it really wise trying to swim against the current?

Let it go.