Couple of weeks ago, during a monday morning, it was a very misty weather. I was heading to a meeting. I parked my car close to an old trainyard. I had my cameras with me, as I always do. I noticed these wonderful old train cars and even though I was already running late, I could not resist the urge to sacrifice couple moments on photographing the trains. I love old trains and the fog gave them a really beautiful setting. I’m very inspired by John Free’s work and teachings. Especially his work about railroad tramps. This as close as I can get to that subject matter. There were no tramps, but I could not help but to think about John Free’s images while sneaking between the old abandoned railroad cars.

I shot these with Olympus OM-1. I was trying out a new film this time. As you may know, I usually prefer Kodak Tri-x or T-max 400. This time though, I had Ilford Pan 400. I have no prior experience about it but I have to say I really like the results. I pushed it one stop at ISO 800, as I usually do and developed in Rodinal 1:25. I love the rough and gritty look. It’s maybe a bit too grainy, but no worries… I love a good grain.

These are all straight film scans with no adjustments.