Film slows you down, digital speeds you up

Film slows you down, digital speeds you up

I almost feel bad about not touching my film camera in couple of weeks. I’ve been actually very compelled by my new digital camera, the Fujifilm x100s, which I acquired about two weeks ago. It has been really fun shooting with it. Film slows you down as they say. Does digital make you speed up then? I think so, yes. There are benefits to both of them.

I have mixed feelings about being so much into digital lately. In a way it is pretty awesome to have the convenience of seeing the results immediately and not getting the constant film sweats. But. It feels just too easy and I see a huge difference in my digital photos compared to my film work. Even though I try to approach digital photography with the same kind of integrity as film, I still seem to be a bit too trigger happy and just shoot away. In a way it is fun and a big relieve, because shooting film is sometimes just so demanding and requires so much patience. Sometimes I just want to shoot a lot without thinking about it too much. There are certain benefits to that. First of all, the results may not be as stiff and serious as film. That is something that I really want to take from my digital shooting and implement to film work. No matter which medium I shoot with, I haven’t been able to find a nice balance between shooting a lot and shooting carefully. With digital I don’t think enough and the keeper-rate gets lower. With film I tend to over think and not shoot enough in fear of wasting film etc. The way I see it, film shooters can learn from digital just as much as digital shooters can learn from film. They support each other. I’ve been getting some nice images with the new digital cameras, but they don’t seem to go much beyond being just nice images. I haven’t been able to reach a deep enough level of creativity and most of the digital photos resemble more a point-and-shoot style of picture taking.

Now I just loaded my OM-1 with a fresh roll of Tri-x and I’m planning to shoot about 50% film and 50% digital during the following week. During the past two weeks I’ve shot only digital. The honeymoon phase of the new Fuji x100s is starting to end and I want to hear my OM-1 shutter again.

While I shoot the new roll of Tri-x, I want to share some of the recent photos takenwith Fuji x100s.


Graphic designer and a 35mm film photography enthusiast. I enjoy straight photography on natural/available light and in-camera techniques. I'm inspired by early and mid-1900's classic photojournalism, street photography and documentary photography. Currently shooting mainly with Leica M6, and Olympus OM-4.

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