One of the many reasons I like film so much, is that it withstands time so well. Many film shooters will tell you the same. Negatives and darkroom prints last decades or even centuries. No matter how many hard drives you blow up, you’ll have your film photos somewhere at the back of your drawer forever.

I found the above images about a year ago. I took them sometime in 2000—2002. I made the prints in a darkroom myself back in the day. They are close-ups of my girlfriend. (We are still together after all there years, by the way.) I made the prints small (approx 9x5cm) so they’d fit my wallet. I didn’t remember that they existed and I was pleasantly surprised to find them last year, after all these years. That’s when I slowly started to think about shooting on film again. I realised how well film photos will withstand the test of time.