Alright, back to basics. After shooting few rolls with AE-1, telephoto lens and what have you, it’s time to get back to my usual choice of 50mm f1.8 and Olympus OM-1.

Whatever I end up trying, I always seem to get back to the Olympus. Even though it still has a malfunctional light meter, I was able to pull of pretty accurate exposures once again, by using some kind of sunny 16 based questimations. Lately it has been very autumny and the basic sunny 16 rule doesn’t apply as such any more. The days are getting shorter and dusk emerges earlier and earlier. On a cloudy day I usually shoot with shutter speed of 1/1000 (based in iso 800 that I usually shoot with) and f5.6. Now the overcast has been way too heavy for these settings. I’ve either stopped the aperture down by couple of stops or shot at 1/500 or 1/250 shutter speed by trying to estimate just how bad the lighting is. Either I’ve managed to do good guesses or then the the film latitude is just so good, that it forgives crappy settings. Or both.

The best advise I’ve read lately is when in doubt, over-expose. And because it has been very cloudy and gloomy, I’ve favoured larger apertures and longer shutter speeds, without actually knowing exactly what I’m doing. So far so good.

Film choice this time was Kodak T-max 400 shot at 800 and home developed in Rodinal.

Homeless guy I’ve seen many times in the market square of Helsinki. I took this shot right after he was going through the trash can, where the market sellers throw away leftover products like fruits and veggies e.g. perfectly good food.

Yougnsters in Kruununhaka. I love this neighbourhood and the group of three just caught my eye.

These gentlemen are giving me the cheers while riding the beer wagon in the middle of Helsinki.


Two girls doing what people are nowadays doing — hanging on their phones.

This image I like very much. The light happened to be really nice for a moment and I saw this woman with her drawing pad as she was sitting on a park bench.

Alternative crop.

A balloon that landed near our house. Unexpected visitor in on a really quiet neighbourhood, that is usually surrounded by just crop fields and forests.

A group of elderly folk in the Esplanad park.