I believe that the gear doesn’t matter, but not in the most obvious way. I belong to the camp that think performance and specs are somewhat irrelevant. I believe that the camera should be technically good enough, not necessarily the best. Rather than concentrating on the specs, it is more important to choose a camera that you really really like. And that can be anything at all — not necessarily the Canon EOS 5D mark whatever.

I’ve had many cameras and they’ve all been somewhat good in their own way. And believe me, I don’t have an expensive taste. I value quality of course, but I rarely spend much money on gear. I can assure you that you don’t have to have an expensive camera to make amazing images. Now that I think about it, my favourite cameras and lenses are the ones that I’ve paid the less.

All the cameras that I’ve ever owned, have been able to make technically good enough images. Weirdly enough, the ones that I didn’t like so much, have all been the more expensive ones (DSLR’s, mirrorless etc). They weren’t bad cameras as such, but just didn’t feel like anything to me. For example my old Canon EOS M3 felt soulless, much like an electric screw driver. My Olympus OM-1 on the other hand has seen the world and it has soul and character. It feels nostalgic like grandpa’s old watch.

My personal Olympus OM-1 — my all time favourite camera.

I’m not the quintessential gear head, but I freaking love my current cameras. In a way that really helps me with my photography, because I can’t wait the next time I have the chance to run out the front door and grab my favourite camera with me. Leaving the house without a camera feels just a chore, but going out there with my camera, transforms the world into a playground of possibilities. If on the other hand, I’d be forced to grab my old DLSR, that I don’t have such warm feelings for, I wouldn’t feel that inspired. In that respect, I think using a camera that you love, will help you to make better photographs and become a better photographer.