For the longest time Film Photography Podcast was the only film photography podcast I listened to. It is still my favourite one and I always jump up and down whenever new episode comes up. Since then, I’ve discovered few other really good ones and some new ones seem to emerge frequently these days. Just in case you’re into podcasts as well, I’d like to recommend some of my current favourites. 

1. The Film Photography Podcast (The FPP)

Ah Yes, the FPP (made in USA) just rules! Like I mentioned, it is my all time favourite film photography related podcast for a magnitude of reasons. The production style is truly unique. They’re doing their own thing and they don’t seem to give a feck. It’s definitely not a generic or boring show. The topics usually revolve around cameras, developing and film stocks. I could honestly listen them talking all day. The atmosphere is very relaxed, spontaneous and fun — definitely not uptight at all. I love the ridiculous editing and style of production. Once you’ll get used to the excess amount of silly sound effects, you’ll love the show! Extremely educating and entertaining. New episode is published every two weeks, which sometimes can feel like a bit too long wait. The FPP is made by people that I honestly would like to be friends with. 

My rating: 9/10

2. The Sunny 16 Podcast

Ah yes, Britain, Britain, Britain — home of lemon curd and the Sunny 16 podcast. An excellent choice for any film lover. This is a newer show, but so nicely put together, that they’re bound to be one of the most successful film photography shows out there.  I’m giving them an extra point for their britishness too, because who doesn’t like the British humour? A new episode comes… oh gosh, I don’t even know! Sometimes it seems like there’s a new episode every two days. Very wide range of topics with a fun approach. 

My rating: 8/10

2. Kodakery

Kodakery is pretty new to me, but lately I’ve been enjoying it a lot. It is not perhaps so entertaining as some of the other shows out there, but well produced all together — after all, it’s Kodak’s own podcast. I’m of course a huge fan of Kodak films, so this is pretty much a must listen for me. Kodakery is also an American podcast, and they really sound like it. The show is full of good information, but sometimes maybe a bit bland for my taste. If you like a very vanilla film podcast, that couldn’t offend anyone in any way, Kodakery is an excellent choice. Each episode usually consist of one specific topic, such as an interview and it’s always a good way to spend an hour.  

My Rating: 6/10

3. Studio C-41

Studio C-41 is another new one to me and a really good one. This is also made in USA and in some respect, a bit similar to Kodakery. Sometimes I forget which one I’m listening to. I guess Studio C-41 has a bit more edge than Kodakery and a different format, but slight family resemblance still. The show is really well produced and you can clearly hear, that a lot of effort is being put into the production. 

My Rating: 7/10

4. Classic Camera Revival

I stumbled upon this podcast practically just a few days ago, and I can’t believe I’ve managed to miss such an awesome show! This could very well become my new favourite film podcast! I’ve already binge listened most of the shows that are available from the archives. CCR is a Canadian show, which means, they sound almost like americans, but all that overly political correctness is completely absent. Much appreciated. They also usually bring out some useful facts about different cameras, such as whether it works well during the winter and how easy it is to use while wearing mittens. As a someone who lives is the Nordic countries, I truly appreciate insights like these. I believe there’s a new episode once a month, which is a bummer. I could really listen a new episode as often as a new Sunny 16 episode.  

My Rating: 10/10

5. Photography Matters (Ted Vieira)

I’ve been enjoying Ted Vieira’s YouTube channel for a long time and I was really excited to notice he put out a podcast as well. He has an awesome voice. Perfect for this kind of radio work. Photography Matters has an indie, one man show feel to it. Ted isn’t the most tech-savvy photographer out there, which is really delightful. There are already so much of the camera nerd shows out there, that it is refreshing to hear such a unique view point to photography. The show is very new and is probably still taking shape, but from what I’ve gathered, I actually think he has a better boogie on audio format than on YouTube. When Ted gets going, he can manage to sink into the subject, creating a really enjoyable listen of his flow of thoughts. He doesn’t talk just about cameras, but about creativity in general, which is something some other shows could perhaps learn from Ted’s show. A new episode seems to come up quite frequently, but they usually run only for something between 10—15minutes. Longer format would be perhaps nice, but I’m looking very much on which direction Photography Matters go.   

My Rating: 6/10