Top 5 colour negative film recommendations

Without further (or any) ado, here’s my recommendations for the absolute best 35mm colour negative films out there. I’m keeping the descriptions short and sweet, which means this isn’t going to be a deep look into any product, but rather a quick overview with some sample photos, if you’re looking for concrete recommendations.

1. Fujifilm Pro 400H

When talking about pleasing colours, I’ve never shot a film as nice as Fuji Pro 400H. Hands down my favourite colour film. Great image quality comes with great price tag how ever, and this is actually one of the most expensive colour negative films out there. At least according to my experience. Love it tough!

2. Kodak Ektar 100

Ektar is unbelievably sharp and fine grain film with beautiful colours. Expect to pay a bit more than you’d pay for a roll of Kodak Gold. This is not the cheapest film around, but one of the best the money can buy.

3. Cinestill 800T

At ISO 800 Cinestill is a really fast film for serious low light shooting. It has some grain, but just the right kind of. As you may know, Cinestill is a movie film that has been converted for consumer still photography. It has a lot of character and lovely tones. It creates distinct red halos around highlight, which I personally just love. Because this is an ISO 800 film, you can easily shoot hand held in low light with settings like 1/15 and f2.8.

4. Kodak Portra 800

If you’re into fast colour films, you might want to try Kodak Portra 800, which is the fastest option in the Portra line-up. Very similar to Cinestill 800T, but perhaps a bit more predictable and true to life.

5. Kodak Portra 160

Portra 160 is a beautiful, beautiful film. It is very low grain and it has a subtle colour palette. I’ve shot only few rolls of it on a really crappy camera, but it has been still very impressive. Compared to other slow Kodak films, such as Ektar 100, it isn’t as saturated, but almost pastel toned, that is excellent for skin tones. Great portrait film!

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The films mentioned in this article are more or less the expensive ones, but if you’d like to take a look at some more affordable (but good) colour negative film choices, I have an article about that as well.