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About the blog

Attempts at 35mm is a blog that revolves around 35mm film photography. Usual topics are street photography, gear reviews and theory. Initially the website started out as a personal online learning journal of the author, Pekka Keskinen (yeah, that’s me — hi!) but as time went by, the blog has started to shape into a general analog photography resource.


Please bear in mind that attemptsat35mm.com is not an encyclopedia or a bible. Photography is my hobby and this is an independent, personal website. Every article is an opinion based writing, not always to be taken too seriously.


As mentioned, my name is Pekka Keskinen. I live in Finland. Film photography has been a bit of a rabbit hole for me. I’ve always been into photography among many other visual and artistic endeavours. I have a background in graphic design and visual arts, but for some reason I didn’t consider myself much of a photographer until I got back to 35mm film photography. I shot film circa 1997—2002, just before the world went digital. I experienced a great disconnect with photography with digital cameras, but in May 30th 2016 I stumbled upon my old cameras and hand made darkroom prints. It was like being reunited with an old friend. I’ve been shooting film ever since.

Approach and influences

I find straight photography and in-camera techniques compelling. I use enough Photoshop in my daily work as a graphic designer and want to leave that out of my photography as much as I can. Black and white images look beautiful as they are and I usually add just a hint of contrast or adjust the tones slightly.

My favourite genre is street photography, inspired by the usual big names of classic photo journalism, such as Cartier-Bresson, Doisneau and Alfred Eisenstaedt — even though, I don’t have a favourite photographer as such. I’m just a fan of photography in general. I also enjoy very much the work and teachings of John Free.

In addition to street photography, I very much enjoy anything nature related, as I am an avid outdoor enthusiast. Occasionally you can find me from a long arctic hike from Lapland with my camera. I’m originally from Helsinki, Finland, where I like to shoot most of my street photos. Nowadays I live in a rural area in Sipoo near Helsinki.

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Email: pekka@pekkakeskinen.com

Your pal,
— Pekka Keskinen