Yes — today was an awesome day! I visited the city of Turku and while there, I also went to see the Robert Doisneau exhibition at Turku Art Museum. I’ve been hoping something like to come along, so this was almost like a small dream come true.

I have not seen a photography exhibition like this before. I’ve seen some contemporary and random stuff, but never actual prints from any of the world’s most famous photographers, from the classic era of street photography. And man it was different than just looking at them online! Physical prints were such a joy to look at. Very inspiring.

One of my favourite images was this one — L’accordéoniste Rue Mouffetard from 1951. Compositionally it is captivating even though a bit chaotic. Lot’s happening in the image. I like how the people fill the frame nicely. He was presumably quite close to the subject, but still able to fill the background with a lot of stuff.
Colour images that I wasn’t even aware of before. This is a collection of small boutiques and all shot on colour. I would not have recognised these as Doisneus.
L’accordéoniste Rue Mouffetard
Few nice images on the wall. The photo on the right is called Kiss on Wheels and it was one of my favourites. One of the lesser know kiss images.